Construction of illegal shops opposed


DASKA – Daska-based lawyers, traders, human rights activists and political and religious circles have joined hands against the construction of shops by some local influential people at the main gate of Government College for Women Daska.
An important meeting was held in the office of Daska Bar Association (DBA) and Daska Bar President Muhammad Asif Bajwa presided over the meeting that was told that some influential people had started construction of several shops at an open place along the main gate of the Govt. College for Women Daska.
The meeting called the construction as illegal and against the social norms and values. It was observed by the participants of the meeting that the college’s atmosphere would be badly affected due to these shops, as more than 5,000 students and their teachers would face great difficulties while going to the college.
The DBA unanimously passed a condemnation resolution tabled by its former president Muhammad Anwar Mughal advocate. The resolution sated it was not a state land and the construction of the shops on it would be considered as encroachment.
The meeting also formed a committee comprising Daska Bar Association President Muhammad Asif Bajwa, Jamaat-e-Ahle Sunnah Punjab Nazim Allama Qari Khalid Mehmood, Jamiat-e-Ahle Hadith Daska Amir Hafiz Abdul Ghaffar, Muhammad Anwar Mughal advocate, Maulana Ayub Khan Saqib and Citizens Council Daska Chairman Bashir Ahmad Naz to bring this matter into the notice of the higher authorities.