A dying hobby


Libraries in our society present a grim state and the cause of this tragedy is lack of interest in reading. Whenever I ask my students after vacations about the books they read during their holidays, Im always disappointed to find they wasted their precious time watching movies or chatting on the net. Reading books is becoming a rare habit in this high-tech world of the electronic media.

The blame is on the overuse (rather misuse) of internet, DVDs and television by the young generation. Parents and teachers should make a collective effort to inculcate love for reading in the young generation as this boosts their intellectual development. Regular reading will also help in reducing their workload and release them from the shackles of rote learning as they will unconsciously improve their vocabulary and thus develop the ability to express themselves in their own words rather than regurgitating whatever is written in their textbooks which they mug up after burning loads of energy.

Not only the children but adults should read voraciously as it helps to improve our knowledge, vocabulary and expression. Most importantly it gives us the fascinating ability of painting pictures with words.