Turkish female racer in Lahore


LAHORE – Burcu Cetinkaya, a female racing car rally driver and a Red Bull athlete will tour Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad) from Feb 25 to Mar 5. Cetinkaya is chief guest of an exclusive Red Bull Dakar Rally 2011 screening in Karachi and will also be hosting the event. A special media event will be held in Lahore where people, including media and celebrities, will get a chance to compete against Burcu in a go-carting race.
She is coming with an aim to encouarge and support the local motor sports indutry, by meeting local sports enthusiasts and athletes, as well as inspiring women in general. She will also adress students at top universities in all three cities and share her experiences as a female car racer.
Cetinkaya won Turkish Rally Ladies Championship twice and also Castrol Fiesta Sporting Trophy in 2008 among many other car racing awards.