Governor’s daughter-in-law killed in road accident


LAHORE – Punjab Governor Latif Khosa’s daughter-in-law died while her sister was injured when their car overturned near the Sheikhupura Interchange on the Motorway on Monday. The deceased was identified as Hina Saeed while her injured sister was identified as Sana Saeed, both residents of the PCSIR Housing Society.
According to National Highways & Motorways Police (NH&MP) officials, Hina was coming to Lahore from Islamabad along with her sister Sana, who was driving a car bearing registration number PD-939. As they reached near the 49-emergency booth on the Motorway, located two kilometres away from the Sheikhpura Interchange, the right tyre of the car busted due to which Sana lost control of the car, which went off the road and collided with trees.
As a result, both of them were critically injured, as the car was completely damaged after colliding with a tree and overturning twice or thrice. NH&MP officials immediately reached the spot and called an ambulance within seven minutes of the mishap. Doctors provided Hina and Sana initial medical aid and shifted them to the Sheikhupura District Hospital where Hina succumbed to her injuries.
Sana informed her brother-in-law and the governor’s son Khurram Latif Khosa about the mishap who sent advocate Iqbal Shah Gilani to the spot. Afterwards, Sana’s brother Arsalan also reached the hospital and Hina’s body was shifted to Lahore. A NH&MP official, who reached the spot after the incident, told Pakistan Today that Sana was conscious while Hina was unconsciousness.
He said that Sana called Khurram first and told him about the mishap, who directed Gilani to reach the spot. The official said that Sana called her father’s mobile number but he did not respond. He said that she also contacted her brother Arsalan but he did not respond as well on which she directed her paternal grandmother to inform the family about the mishap.
“Sana was not able to remember details of the mishap and was only saying that she did not remember how the accident happened”, the officer added. He said that the speedometer of the car was not working and showing speed of around 150 kilometres per hour. He said that the right trye of the car was busted, which caused the incident but it looks like Sana was also feeling drowsy while driving.
He said that NH&MP officials recovered four cellular phones, a purse and chain, which they handed over to the victim’s family. The official said that Gilani revealed that Hina was wife of Khurram. The victim was later laid to rest at a local graveyard after funeral prayer. Latif Khosa, Punjab Senior Minister Raja Riaz, Punjab Finance Minister Tanvir Ashraf Kaira, Punjab Labour Minister Ashraf Sohna, Punjab IT Minister Farooq Yousaf Ghurki and other Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders attended Hina’s funeral.
Afterwards, the governor suspended all his official engagements. Hina worked as an assistant at Khurram’s chamber and both of them got married around two years ago. It has been learnt that Hina was the second wife of Khurram. The governor’s son is a leading lawyer of the Lahore High Court and Supreme Court and also president of the People’s Lawyers’ Forum, the lawyers’ wing of the PPP.