The not-so-liked UK immigration policy meets mixed reaction


LONDON – United Kingdom, once considered a best destination to study and work for the people from all over the world is fast losing its charm, thanks to the tough immigration policies of the Conservative party led government. Conservative party, commonly known as a Tory party of UK went into the 2010 general elections with the issue of immigration on the top of their agenda.
With unemployment raised to its record high and more than 2 million Brits out of work, “British jobs for the British people” was the election slogan of the Tories under the leadership of David Cameron. Once in 10 Downing Street, Prime Minister David Cameron appointed Mrs Theresa May MP as home secretary to “clear up the Mess” left by the labour party. Reforms were then suggested in the immigration laws a few months ago.
Tier 1 General, which was formerly known as Highly Skilled Migrant Program (HSMP) is going to be slashed from April this year. Tier 1 General is the most popular route for the professionals of sub-continent to gain entry and work in the UK without any prior job offers from the local employees.
Next in the spot light is Tier 4 Student Visa, government has already completed its consultation to enforce strict student visa rules from this year. Under the new propose changes, tougher English language requirements would be introduced for the foreign students. Similarly, it is suggested to limit student work rights and reducing the circumstances under which a student can bring family member to the United Kingdom.
In regards to the illegal immigrant already in the UK, the government has so far unable to evolve a strategy to deal with this dilemma. According to Home office own figures, there are more than a million illegal immigrants living and working in the black market of the UK without paying any taxes to the government treasury. UK Universities and Colleges association have warned that restrictions on student immigration will adversely affect British universities.
According to one estimate, education sector is a £5 billion industry in the UK and depends heavily on high fees paid by international students. Chinese students are on the top followed by India and Pakistan. Educations leaders have said that in case of tougher students rule, it will force some UK based educational institute to close down.
Similarly, engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical and car making industries have also warned against immigration cap. In a recent report by SEMTA, a UK based representative body of science and technology, said that between 2011 and 2016, more than 11,000 new workers will be needed in their fields.


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