Sunday Bazaar prices mount


LAHORE – The prices of vegetables and chicken increased sharply at Sunday bazaars of the city while there was also a slight increase in fruits prices. The prices of onion, garlic, ginger, tomatoes and peas increased upto Rs 5-50 per Kg. The prices of garlic witnessed Rs 50 per Kg increase. It was sold for Rs 225 per Kg this week, as compared to previous week, when it was available for Rs 225 per Kg.
The prices of onion and ginger also witnessed Rs 4 per Kg increase while tomato prices increased upto Rs 8 per Kg. The prices of chicken rose upto Rs 55 per Kg and it was sold for Rs 220 per Kg. The prices of chicken started increasing during the last week with an increased price every day. The customers were surprised at the high variation in prices of vegetables and chicken.
“The prices of chicken have increased in just last four days so much and the district government is completely silent over it,” said a customer Tahir Mehmood. Another customer Jamshed Ahmed said, “There is a powerful cartel of ‘mafia’ that, whenever likes, increases the prices of chicken and deprives masses of their money. How ironic that chicken has become more expensive than beef.”
The chicken sellers said prices are increasing due to high demand and less supply. “Chicken demand is high because of marriage season therefore the prices are increasing,” said a chicken seller Kamran Nagina. He added that high prices also impact sales, “The number of customers has decreased due to high prices.” The vegetable sellers claimed that the prices remained quite stable during the last two weeks and still it is not that expensive.
“The prices are within reach and people should not get cross,” said a vegetable seller Bashir Ashraf. He said current level of prices is appropriate for both sellers and buyers. “If prices decline further, it would not be possible for the farmers to grow vegetables and there would be shortage in the market,” he added.