Quitting PPP is out of question: Farooq Saeed


FAISALABAD – Former textile minister and PPP leader Rana Farooq Saeed Khan has denied the speculations that he is quitting PPP over his non-induction in the cabinet.
“We have always offered sacrifices for the party and we ill continue to do so in future as well,” he said. His statement has brought to an end the rumours that he is leaving the party after being dropped from the cabinet.
“To me it is a sin to disobey the party policy as I strongly feel that becoming a minister is not a right,” he declared to show his unflinching allegiance to PPP. “I was assigned the portfolio by Asif Ali Zardari and Syed Yousuf Raza Gilani just to serve the people and I feel a bit exhausted,” he said and added he was not in the race for a seat in the cabinet.
He was of the opinion that there were only 10 months left because there would be general election preparations in the next year. Mentioning his unquestionable loyalty to PPP, he said, “During the Musharraf regime, the then Punjab governor Khalid Maqbool had come to my house with the request to join the dictator but I spurned the offer.”
He said that he had been offered a blank cheque, a ministerial post and many other privileges as a price for leaving the PPP, but he rejected all these temptations.