US embassy driver who ran over citizen flees


ISLAMABAD – A US embassy employee who ran his car over a Pakistani citizen, Ibadur Rehman, while rushing to assist Raymond Davis on January 27 in Lahore, has fled the country, according to a senior US official on Saturday.
US Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs Philip Crowley had confirmed during a press briefing this week that it “was US embassy staff driving the car that allegedly hit the civilian”. But the car driver as well another US official involved in the incident are no more in Pakistan, in fact they are back on American soil, the US official said.
American officials said the driver of the vehicle held the same diplomatic visa as Davis. Authorities in Punjab have said they sent five letters to the US embassy, asking it to hand over the driver and that vehicle to it, but have received no response so far. It is unclear when the driver and his passenger left Pakistan, but a senior US official said that it happened soon after the incident.