Firdous rules out Davis’ facilitation under Diyat law


ISLAMABAD – Federal Minister for Information Firdous Ashiq Awan on Thursday ruled out any facilitation by the federal government in clinching a covert deal between the families of the two Pakistani youths killed by Raymond Davis under Qisas and Diyat laws.
“The Punjab government can facilitate both the parties for an out-of-court settlement (under Qasis and Diyat provisos), not the PPP. Moreover, we don’t have a culture of handing over Pakistani nationals to US authorities. We are only focusing on how to resolve the issue through mutual consultations,” she said.
She said the federal government was not an aggrieved party to the incident, adding that the federal cabinet had unanimously resolved to leave the matter with the court and the ministries of Foreign Affairs, Law and Interior would work in tandem to facilitate the court on facts about the US citizen.
“The cabinet decided that no one but courts would decide the matter. We are in no hurry to submit the document in court as the Foreign Ministry and the law and interior ministers are already working on the issue. We have time until next hearing on March 14. Let me assure you that the government would not take any decision which could jeopardise the state’s or public interest,” she added.