Writing on the wall


Split character and the doctrine of necessity are synonymous with our political culture. As we analyse our history and figure out the mistakes we committed, we conclude that the reason for our politicians being considered a vice to the society is that they make every move not for the greater good of the society but just to gain power. The government always tries to divert the public attention off the major issues by wasting time on less important issues in order to complete its tenure whereas the opposition only wakes up when it has to protect its own certain interest.

It is evident that at the time when these people are in opposition, they pretend to be saint-like and all for the people but just as they attain power, they get numb to the hue and cry of a layman dying of hunger and it seems like they never were one of us. This act of treachery is nothing new as they would only do the things coherent to only their self-interest. We still somehow manage to bring back the same people who couldn’t care less for our miseries.

The solution is that we can control our fate by voting people who haven’t been tried and tested into power. We are heading towards a silent revolution as it’s a writing on the wall. Come next elections, PPP would see it out of power and then PML(N) would come in playing its part in taking us further down the dump and in the elections of 2017, that is if this and the next government completes its tenure, we shall have a new leader and that would be a new beginning and a glorious era for our country.




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