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Sale of unhygienic meat on the rise in Daska

DASKA – Butchers are selling unhygienic meat in almost all the congested areas of Daska, Sambrial and Pasrur while people are suffering from several fatal diseases, especially blood pressure and hepatitis. People in the area said that most of the butchers slaughtered unhealthy animals and sold wet mutton and beef to increase the weight of the meat.
Medical experts said the unabated sale and use of the wet meat was spreading hepatitis and other fatal diseases among the people. The local residents further said the butchers were often found slaughtering the animals in their houses or around their shops instead of slaughtering them in the local slaughterhouses in Daska, Sambrial and Uggoki in connivance of the the officials concerned in the respective tehsil municipal administrations (TMAs).
The people added they had brought this practice into the notice of the TMAs and health department but they were unable to take action against the butchers.

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