MQM assures PML-Q it won’t woo its workers


ISLAMABAD – The Pakistan Muslim League-Q offered its logistic support to the Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM) in Punjab after getting the latter’s assurance that it will not woo PML-Q workers for joining MQM in the province.
“The MQM leaders assured the Chaudhrys during Sunday meeting that the Muttahida will work in unison with the PML-Q but will not encourage any PML-Q leader/worker or parliamentarian (former or sitting) to join the Muttahida,” said a PML-Q leader asking not to be attributed.
He said the assurance from the MQM was taken as a number of PML-Q leaders believed that the PML-Q’s newly found courtship with the MQM could resultantly cause damage to the already fractured party as the PML-Q workers/leaders might join the Muttahida in the coming months. “The party leaders advised Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain after his visit to nine zero last month that the courtship between two parties could deprive Chaudhrys of the party workers in Punjab,” said a PML-Q leader.
He said that some party leaders were of the opinion that the party was already facing rebellion in the form of the likeminded group and unification bloc and a number of party’s sitting lawmakers had also tacitly joined either the PML-N or the PPP and were aiming to contest next elections on their tickets therefore the PML-Q might face another challenge if the remaining party workers started embracing the MQM.
“The Chaudhrys were advised by the party men that those workers/leaders of the party who were still affiliated with the Chaudhrys after being told big ‘NO’ by the PPP and the PML-N and were also not willing to join party’s forward blocs could be roped in by the Muttahida which was in search of manpower in the Punjab,” he said, adding there were reports that the MQM was already offering a number of PML-Q parliamentarians and leaders to join it.
When contacted, Kamil Ali Agha, secretary information said wooing other party workers was not recommended.”But the issue of possible MQM’s move to rope in the PML-Q workers/leaders was not discussed in the meeting between the leaders of two parties,” he added. Wasay Jalil, secretary information MQM said that his party had no plan to encourage the PML-Q workers or leaders for getting them joined the Muttahida.