Alleged husband requests court to determine Meera’s virginity


LAHORE – A civil judge Imran Sheikh has fixed February 19 for the hearing of an application filed by the alleged husband of film actress Meera, requesting the court to constitute a medical board to determine if Meera is a virgin or not.
Attique-ur-Rehman, who claims to be Meera’s husband, filed this application during the hearing of a ‘jactitation of marriage suit’ filed by Meera. Earlier, during Meera’s cross-examination, while replying to Attique’s counsel’s question, she said she was still a virgin and had not married yet.
Attique filed the application on this reply. In her suit, Meera had alleged that Attique managed a fake Nikahnama, showing her as his wife, only to grab her property. Meera said she had no relation with Attique and he was blackmailing her, claiming to be her husband.
She had prayed to the court to cancel the Nikahnama Attique possessed and initiate proceedings against him according to law.