JI protests against Davis’ expected release


The Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) observed a protest day on Friday against possible release of US national Raymond Davis on immense US pressure.
Rallies were held in the federal and provincial capitals, which were attended by JI leaders and other religious leaders. Addressing Friday prayer sermon at Mansoora, JI chief Munawar Hassan said that the rulers were US slaves and nothing good was expected from them. He made it clear that if rulers handed over Davis by compromising national honour and dignity, they would not survive and even Washington would not be able to save them. Hassan said that rulers should be thankful to religious parties, which had so far prevented the furious masses from taking the law in their own hands and warned that if the masses rose against oppression and injustice, no power could withstand their fury.
The JI chief said that rulers should understand that if people were committing suicides due to hunger and unemployment, they could also step towards anarchy. Hassan said that US officials were holding meetings with the president, PM and army chief and pressurising them for Davis’ release while on the other hand, the nation wanted the rulers to adopt the path of dignity and courage and resist US pressure. He said that if Americans followed morality, they should have withdrawn the 86-year-old sentence to Dr Aafia Siddiqui before demanding Davis’ release.