Butt building support for another term in PCB?


LAHORE: The Ijaz Butt-led management of the Pakistan Cricket Board on Friday launched efforts to seek support of the country’s cricket fraternity in a bid to prolong its stay in the office.
Very much like the political set up in the country, the PCB management is facing widespread criticism for its handling of a number of issues including the recent spot-fixing scandal.
It has been learnt that the timeframe given to the PCB chairman for his stay in office ends soon after the World Cup and the notification of his termination is believed to be ready. The only thing that reportedly halted his removal from the office was the political upheaval in the country that bought him some more time in office. His recent visit to Garhi Khuda Bakhsh, the site of a proposed stadium, has also been part of his efforts to seek another term in office.
The general council meeting, which is also believed to be a step towards the same process, was attended by two former chairmen Khalid Mahmood and Lt Gen (retd) Tauqir Zia. The board, somehow, was successful in achieving praise from the two top officials who made name for themselves for development work in their terms.
Although the meeting lasted for just over an hour, the PCB got approved its three points agenda and got support from the members.
The agenda for the meeting included the PCB annual report and future programmes as devised by the PCB Board of Governors, discussion and approval of audited accounts and budget estimates and seek recommendations for the same.
The meeting was convened as per Clause 17 of the PCB Constitution. This was the first time the PCB general body met since 1998.
Apart from former chairmen PCB Khalid Mehmood and Lt. Gen (retd) Tauqir Zia, a total of 73 members comprising 18 full members, 53 associate members, as well as 2 honorary members, attended the meeting.
Mehmood and Zia praised the PCB for holding the meeting of the general body after a gap of 12 years.
The Chairman PCB informed the general body that as per the PCB constitution, the general body meeting will be convened on annual basis in the future as well.
Butt also stressed that following up on the historic achievements of the Pakistan women’s cricket team, it was essential that women cricket teams be formed in all districts and full support be given to promote women’s cricket in the country.
Working on the development of women’s cricket is a positive step forward and the government also wants to promote women’s cricket to improve the country’s image in international community.
The representatives of the blind cricket and deaf cricket expressed their appreciation at being given recognition for the first time as members of the general body and apprised the meeting of the progress of their respective associations. In the past, both these bodies were seen talking against the PCB and now the board has silenced them by giving them recognition.
Later, the PCB issued a press release stating that the members of the general body shared their suggestions and made recommendations for the continued development of cricket and related infrastructure in the country. The PCB’s initiatives were recognized by the members.