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11 militants killed in Swat

PESHAWAR: Security forces killed 11 suspected militants when they were trying to sneak into Swat, security officials and police said on Friday.
Officials said five suspected militants were killed while entering from district Dir into Swat and six others were killed when they tried to sneak into Thana Malakand Agency from Swat. These suspected militants were escaping military operation in Mohmand tribal Agency and were planning to carry out acts of terrorism in Swat, ISPR Swat said.
The dead militants were said to be associated with Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, Malakand and Mohmand chapters, the security officials added. Five other suspected militants who tried to enter into Swat from Dir were buried in Kabal area of Swat.
The bodies of six suspected militants killed near River Swat were shifted to a nearby hospital to be handed over to their families.
Those who were killed while entering Thana included Mian Gul Zada, Abdul Raj, residents of Barikot, Ijazuddin from Sher Khana Malakand Agency but three others were unidentified.
The security forces in Swat claimed that they had killed the suspected militants in armed clashes and turned down the impression that the killings were part of any ‘reaction to the suicide attack on army recruits in Mardan’.
Five dead bodies found in Mardan: Mardan police found bullet-riddled 5 dead bodies in mysterious circumstances near Abrahim Khan Kalay on Charsadda-Mardan Road.
Police officials in Saddar Police Station and local villagers told Pakistan Today that a letter was found near the corpses inscribing, “Taliban Zinda Abad or Long Live Taliban.” Investigators said three of the dead are from Shabqadar area of Charsadda district, one each from Swabi and Rawalpindi. “All of them are shot at heads,” one of the investigators revealed.

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