Terrorism and police


A police inspector was killed while another four personnel were injured in an attack launched on a police check post and a police mobile van by unknown gunmen in Mathra area in the outskirts of Peshawar.

The plague of militancy beset Pakistan in recent years. As many as two policemen were yet again killed by militants in Hangu. It is imperative to identify a changing trend in the militants strategy. The terrorist organisations are going after the police with full force. The police force has been derelict when it comes to enhanced training of self security.

This month has been brutal for our police force as the militants have targeted them repeatedly. I fail to understand why the higher authorities are not taking notice of these incidents and making a strategy to combat these militants

The best way for terrorist organisation to destabilise Pakistan is to attack the law enforcement agencies. It is imperative that authorities must take concrete measures to give police further training to protect themselves and the citizens from terrorism.