Kurram peace deal


The Kurram peace was made between the Sunni and Shia factions of Kurram Agency that helped call a truce between the warring groups that had claimed thousands of lives. However, the fact that this pact was welcomed wholeheartedly by the wanted member of TTP, Fazal Saeed ought to act as a warning bell for the government. This declaration of support for peace in the area is redefining the role of the militants. Those who were once considered the most dangerous villains are now becoming heroes involved in maintaining peace.

That the local populace is fed up with the unrest is understandable, but the need for the Taliban to endorse such a deal is indicative of the fact that they too are under strain due to the non-operational communicative system, thus taking it upon themselves to act as an authority in the peace deal. But the extent to which the deal can be relied upon has yet to be analysed. The terror network has become shaky is apparent, but from this arises a simultaneous need to control the area through whatever means possible.

The peace deal has provided a perfect opportunity for the Taliban to enter the power structure as the government machinery is once again found missing. It has to be seen whether this accord will bring the harmony it promises or be the harbinger of yet another spell of bloodshed. Will an accord buttressed by terrorist themselves actually reduce sectarian friction to unite the populace under one umbrella? Will they allow peace between the Shia and Sunni? In case of violation of the accord which brand of Sharia will be applicable? The TTP brand?

For the locals this might appear as a ray of hope that will bring about the desired change, but strangely, this reminds me of the shortcuts stated by the Moeed Yusuf in his article, which according to him may provide a temporary relief but would prove fatal in achieving the end objectives, that is, permanent stability. The time is appropriate for the government to play its due role and turn this temporary solution into a permanent fixture.