LHC adjourns proceedings on president’s dual office case


LAHORE – A full bench of Lahore High Court adjourned proceedings on petitions challenging President Asif Ali Zardari’s dual offices for one day. The bench was hearing detailed arguments of the petitioner counsel AK Dogar who will continue arguing his case on Tuesday against Zardari as court time ended on Monday.
A K Dogar may take few more days to complete constitutional deliberations on the President’s dual offices. The petitions against President Zardari were filed by Pakistan Lawyers Forum (PLF), Engineer Ghulam Jillani and Advocate Asif Mehmood Khan. The petitioners contended that the constitution required that the President be an impartial, neutral and non-partisan posture as head of the state.
They said that the President should be able to deal with any situation in the best of national interests without allowing any party or political interests hindering his decisions. He argued that Asif Ali Zardari is the head of a political party, and on occasions adopts the postures of a party leader and serves party interests. The situation is contrary to the Constitutional character of his office, contended the petitioner.
The petitioner cited media reports to refer to the reputation of President Zardari. He said, “Zardari is known as Mr 10 percent throughout the world, which inherently disqualifies him from being elected as President of Pakistan under Articles 62 and 63 of the Constitution.” He pleaded that the court disqualify Zardari from holding dual office.