It rains to herald the beginning of Spring


LAHORE – Rainy weather after the wave of pleasant winds compelled the citizens to enjoy the terrific weather in Lahore on Monday, whereas experts termed the rain beneficial to eliminate the bout of winter diseases and agriculture. Met office informed that Lahore observed 5 millimeter rain whereas, widespread rain with snowfall over the hills occurred in Khyber Pakhtoonkhawa, Gilgit Baltistan/Kashmir.
While rain also occurred at isolated to scattered places in Northeast Balochistan, Upper Sindh and Punjab during last two days. Pleasant winds throughout Sunday night and rain in the morning made the weather exquisite with temperature in the city sustained. Met office said cold and dry weather was expected in most parts of the country including Lahore during next few days. Minimum temperature recorded in the city was 11 Celsius whereas maximum temperature remained at 22 Celsius.
Sunshine was also witnessed in the city with the sky clearing up after the rain. While students going to school and citizens to their offices faced problems in reaching their desired destinations, they said that now dry winter would end which would also decrease the diseases. Students going for exams faced problems due to the rain, whereas parents coming along with them were also complained that there was no shelter available for them in the schools.
Senior Met official Muhammad Akram told Pakistan Today that the rain after a long dry spell would definitely help the crops and fruit trees, whereas this rain would be extremely useful for the wheat and other Rabi crops, especially in the region of Punjab. He also said that the snowfall in the northern areas would be extremely helpful for the apple and other fruit trees. Instead of pleasant weather, rush in the parks and Zoo was not visible due to a weekday but the youth and families celebrated the weather by going to the restaurants at night.
An enthusiastic youngster, Qasim Waqar said that he arranged a special get together of friends in the wake of pleasant weather. Housewives cooked special food on the rainy day, a housewife Mrs Waseem said that normally she and her family enjoys this type of weather on along drive, but to the weekday and exam of her child, family members forced to cook the special food including Pakooras and French fries.
Children were seen playing on slippery roads, celebrating the start of the spring. Children claimed that even though the sky poured small amount of rain but was enough to make full use of it. Motorbike riders expressed their joy over the sustainability of mercury in the city, they said that rain was the true need for our crops and environment, whereas sustained temperature would help the cause of bikers.
A motorbike rider Farrukh, said that though the rain decreased the temperature temporarily but the instant sunshine after a rain was enjoyable.