Zulqarnain asks ICC to make public fixing evidence


LAHORE – Just minutes after an independent tribunal of the ICC slapped bans on three cricketers, Zulqarnain Haider was once again to be found on his Facebook and had something to say. Haider, who left Pakistan team in UAE was of the view that the ICC should make public the evidence.
He wrote: “pakistan k players pe ban saboot pure dunya ke media p aane chaie take kise ke pure dunya main himat na ho match fixxing krne ke take wo kabi apne mulk ko na beche (the ICC should bring out the evidences against the cricketers in the media so that nobody ever try in future to defame the game and his country.
The ICC must bring the evidences in front of the world, if it has any, and if it doesn’t have any proofs then nobody should be allowed in future to pinpoint fingers on Pakistan and its players”.