US visa applicants skeptical


LAHORE – People who applied for the United States’ visa are skeptical about the fate of their cases in the backdrop of Raymond Davis issue. However, the US Consulate General Spokesman said Davis case would not impact the visa process and it is going on as usual. The applicants who qualified for the visas are waiting for their passports and are worried that Davis case will delay their cases.
In normal cases, the US embassy takes around two weeks in processing visas of successful applicants while in some cases the duration could be longer. “My passport is with US embassy since January 25 for the visa process and after the Davis episode, I am really worried about my visa,” said an applicant while seeking anonymity. US visa consultants said the process was continuing smoothly and only a few cases were delayed.
A consultant said people were hesitant about applying for the visas and were waiting for the dust to settle. “Everyone is waiting for the Davis case’s decision,” he added. US Consulate General Lahore Spokesman and Information Officer Tristran Perry while talking to Pakistan Today said there was no delay in visa process due to Raymond Davis issue. “Everything is working as usual and people should not be worried,” he added.