Imran says US should cooperate on Davis case


LAHORE – It will be to America’s benefit to be a helping hand in Raymond Davis’s trial, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chief Imran Khan said on Sunday. He expressed these views while talking to the press after a visit to the residences of all three victims who lost their lives at the hands of Davis.
Fahim’s father Shamshad, Faizan’s brother Rizwan, and Obaidur Rehman’s family was present on the occasion. Imran said that if the Americans tried to call the shots in the Davis case, the US government will have to face Anti-American aggression from the people who already ‘hate Americans’ for killing Pakistanis.
Imran said, “I wonder how the government can allow foreigners to move with weapons. Even in America no outsider could carry weapons like Davis did, and government’s silence on this was condemnable.” Imran maintained that he was only calling for justice, which should be provided without any delay to the bereaved families. He also asked the government to announce financial compensation for the victims’ families.
PTI will help the victims’ families and will also ensure full assistance, he added. Rulers were setting worst examples and had nothing in Pakistan, as all of their money and families were in abroad, he added. Quoting the example of Egypt and Tunisia, he said for the circumstances Pakistan was facing, Pakistanis will soon come out on the roads. “I can see the revolution and believe me that the PTI will bring that revolution in the country soon,” he said firmly.
People have got fed up now and the revolution is not far from now and the people will see the big change soon, he said confidently. Responding to a question Imran said that the young generation had brought the revolution in Egypt and PTI was supported by the youth and no one could stop the ‘change’ that was likely to come soon.
He further said that PTI will not launch a movement against the judiciary but for the justice to the people. PTI just objected over the government’s silence and for allowing the foreigners to move with naked arms, he said. Imran Khan also stated that he was the man that raised the voice for Dr Aafia and he never declared Dr Aafia as innocent but always demanded for justice.
Imran said Davis was having immunity and the Americans should not demand his release and let the Pakistani courts decide the fate of the case. Pakistanis will not accept American influence on the Davis case, he said. The government will have to mend its ways, he concluded.