UoE faculty slams sacked professors’ activism


LAHORE – The Academic Staff Association of the University of Education (UoE) held a meeting at its Township Campus. The meeting was chaired by ASA President Khalid Mehmood. The main objective of the meeting was to communicate the UoE’s statement regarding the current issue and to condemn the illegal acts which are being committed by the terminated professors for presenting the bad image of the university to the media and other stakeholders.
Almost three weeks ago, University of Education Vice Chancellor Prof Dr Farhat Saleem sacked Division of Science and Technology director Dr Anwarur Rehman Pasha and his wife Shaeen Pasha on charges of unsatisfactory performance, non-compliance, instigating students and doing politics instead of performing their duties. The ASA president said Dr Pasha was a highly-paid faculty member in the university but was still not taking classes and had gone to such an extent that he wrote against the vice chancellor.
He further said Shaeen Pasha also did not take classes and was in the habit of misbehaving with her seniors and I had received written complaints that she had misbehaved with the other senior faculty members. The statement of the ASA about this issue is very clear. The matter of terminating these two professors was purely administrative issue and students should not get involved in it.
Only few students of the IT Department are protesting according to the instructions of these professors for disturbing educational environment of the university which was a clear violation of the university rules and regulations. Only few students of the IT Department are protesting and want to boycott classes but all other students are against these activities and want to continue classes with peace and sincerity.
The ASA wants to tell these students and their parents that this is the university’s administrative issue and students should concentrate on their studies and not be a part of this propaganda.