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Mr and Mrs Pasha are playing with our futures: UoE students

LAHORE – In the wake of the developments over the past couple of weeks, an overwhelming majority of the students are condemning the ‘heinous’ acts of a group of hooligans, helped by outsiders, who have stooped low enough to manhandle female students and senior faculty members, as aired on some television channels.
A controversy started after the University of Education Vice Chancellor Professor Farhat Saleem sacked Director of Science and Technology Dr Anwaar Pasha and his wife Dr Shaheen Pasha, a teacher of special education, over complaints by the faculty members and students, which were verified by the university inquiry committee.
CHARGES: Charges on the two range from ‘favouritism, inappropriate behaviour, misdemeanour and misconduct’ with faculty and students, ‘discrimination’ against non-IT staff and students and ‘threats of termination’ and transfer to instigate student body to go on strike and demand that Dr Pasha be promoted.
CONTROVERSIES: Since the sackings, there have been violent protests at the university, allegedly at the behest of Dr Pasha. It is also said that a political party, owing to the involvement of some of its office bearers, has jumped onto the opportunity to develop its roots in the university. The controversy continues as students demand peace and tranquillity on the premises.
‘WE WANT TO STUDY’: Shakoor, a student of IT and Science Division, said, “We have not been able to continue our academic pursuit due to Dr Pasha who is solely responsible for the damage caused to the university and its reputation. We were scheduled to have exams on January 17 but because of the vandalism and chaos by some black sheep, at the behest of Dr Pasha, our exams were postponed. We are students and we want to study. But Dr Pasha is orchestrating this chaos. He is using outsiders, certain union thugs, to hijack the proceedings of our university. We urge the government to help us safely continue our studies and stop Mr and Mrs Pasha from harassing us.”
EXAM PAPER SNATCHED: A female student who was beaten up by Dr Pasha’s supporters said that she was ‘utterly disgusted’ when some unknown assailants snatched her exam papers while she was taking the exam and manhandled her for resisting them. She said those who sponsor such actions don’t deserve to be called teachers.
FORCED RIOTING: Tariq, another student, said that on January 17, Dr Pasha told some IT students to go on strike and start rioting in the university. These students with the help of outsiders have since then been responsible for the turmoil in the university, he said, adding that the entire student body has been disturbed and their studies have been affected.
‘MR AND MRS PASHA ARE RESPONSIBLE’: Raza, another student, said that the university has been turned into a ‘jungle’ and these ‘beasts’ had taken them back to ‘stone age’. He said in this age it was almost unbelievable that teachers could use students for their own vested interests and ask them to take law into their hands. “Mr and Mrs Pasha are solely responsible for creating a law and order situation and bringing university life to a halt. They deserve to be punished,” he said.
QUANTUM OF SUPPORT: There has been a show of support for Dr and Mrs Pasha but their strength in numbers appears to be decreasing. Also, it is not known how many of his supporters are actually university students and how many are outsiders, as alleged by other students.
UoE Vice Chancellor Prof Farhat Salim could not be reached for comments, while Dr Pasha, when contacted, refused to comment on the students’ concerns.

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