Whither justice?


As it is said that the society can survive without food but cant survive without justice, justice is the key element to save any society wherever there is uprising and revolts in the world. The root causes were always the un-justice. Our society, suffering from hunger, needs to be healed and the best solution is the real and true justice.

The case of Raymond Davis, an American national, will prove an ice breaking factor in this regard. There are many questions which are bugging the mind of a common man: Who is this individual? What he was doing in Lahore? Where was he living in Lahore? What is his status? How was he moving with un-authorised and illegal weapon? Where are our intelligence agencies? Have the government started looking for these types of other individuals?

These all questions are un-answered at all levels, which needs to be addressed as soon as possible; otherwise the cyclone which is building in the minds of people will explode soon. The lawlessness and terrorism which is already prevailing in the society will take a second turn where no one will be safe. The time is running fast and the things are aggravating day be day.