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Pentangular Cup schedule announced

LAHORE – The Pakistan Cricket Board on Thursday announced the schedule of the Faysal Bank-sponsored Pentangular Cup (first class) Tournament. The tournament will start from February 13 and the final will be played from March 15-19. In all, five teams (Punjab, Sindh, Balochistan, Khyber PK and Federal Areas) will participate in the tournament. Top two teams will play the final. The umpires and referee for the final will be announced later.
The Schedule is as follows (date, teams, venue, umpires, referee, scorer). Feb 13-16: Sindh-Balochistan, LCCA Ground Lahore, Rasheed Bhatti-Ghaffar Kazmi, Khateeb Rizwan, Abdul Hameed, Khyber PK-Federal Areas, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Nadeem Ghouri-Akram Raza, Naeem Ahmed, Najamus Saeed, Feb 19-22: Punjab-Sindh, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Riazuddin-Ahsan Raza, Ishtiaq Ahmed, Masood Ahmed, Federal Areas-Balochistan, LCCA Ground Lahore, Shakeel Khan-Tahir Hussain, Naeem Ahmed, Azhar Hussain, Feb 25-28: Punjab-Federal Areas, LCCA Ground Lahore, Riazuddin-Akram Raza, Azizur Rehman, Najamus Saeed, Khyber PK-Balochistan, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Shakeel Khan-Zameer Haider, Muhammad Javed, Abdul Hameed, Mar 03-06:
Punjab-Balochistan, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Saleem Badar-Ahsan Raza, Muhammad Anees, Azhar Hussain, Sindh-Khyber PK, LCCA Ground Lahore, Nadeem Ghouri-Ghaffar Kazmi, Arshad Pervaiz, Masood Ahmed, Mar 09-12: Sindh-Federal Areas, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Zameer Haider-Ahmed Shahab, Mussaddaque Rasool, Najamus Saeed, Punjab-Khyber PK, LCCA Ground Lahore, Saleem Badar-Rasheed Bhatti, Anwar Khan, Muhammad Arif Sr, Mar 15-19: Final, Gaddafi Stadium Lahore, Azhar Hussain.

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