Pak-German expo in the works


KARACHI – To boost bilateral investment and trade between Pakistan and Germany, Pak-German Business Forum, is organising a major exhibition in Karachi in autumn of this year. Several investors and businessmen of the two countries will participate in this exhibition to strengthen the economic ties of the two countries.
Consul-General of Germany in Karachi Dr Christian Brecht was speaking to Pakistan Today. Dr Brecht visited the offices of Pakistan Today as a goodwill gesture to highlight the significance of Pakistan-German political and economic ties. He said the Pak-German Business Forum is heavily involved in the effort to hold a major exhibition in Karachi in September this year.
Several Pakistani and German companies, investors, exporters, importers, manufacturers and suppliers from both countries are expected to participate in the exhibition. He pointed out that several exhibitions are held in Germany every year and Pakistani exporters, importers, manufacturers and investors must participate in such expos to discover new avenues for trade, investment to promote overall growth.
It was pointed out that Germany and Pakistan enjoy a very cordial political, diplomatic, trade and investment relationship. He added that both countries are enhancing the levels of interactions to further strengthen their ties. At present, the annual trade between Pakistan and Germany is in the range of about $2.0 billion and efforts are being made to sustain this level of mutual trade.
The balance of trade is currently in favour of Germany. The prominent EU member is a major consumer of Pakistani textile products, sports and surgical goods while Pakistan’s key imports lie in the fields of machinery and chemicals, Dr Brecht noted. Germany’s Consul-General in Karachi said that the Pakistani government should focus on the elimination of terrorism, and the scourge of sectarian, ethnic and targeted killings. He said these issues have badly marred the image of Pakistan on the international stage.
He went on to note that other issues that continue to plague the Pakistani government are the financial problems and corruption and must be effectively tackled. He reasoned that without eliminating these problems, it would be difficult for Pakistan to attract major foreign investment, to promote joint ventures and to put the economy back on track. Dr Brecht, who has served in this capacity for the past two years, proudly mentioned that neither he nor any of his colleagues are facing any kind of security threat or risk functioning in Pakistan.
“I am very comfortable and glad to be in Karachi and making utmost effort to promote political, diplomatic and economic ties between the two friendly nations,” he added. He also stressed that German businessmen, investors and manufacturers will continue to visit Pakistan frequently, to promote trade and investment in the future. Several German companies are keen to make investment here, but chronic security problems are a major hurdle to the fostering of improved economic and commercial with Pakistan.