Dejected Hashmi warns MPs of massive public reaction


ISLAMABAD – Frustrated by the entire political leadership of the country, PML-N’s Makhdoom Javed Hashmi on Thursday warned the parliamentarians against a massive public reaction, asking them to rise and revolt against their party leaders to get Pakistan freed from their dynastic clutches and monopoly.
“Pakistani leaders say that situation in Pakistan and Egypt is not identical. Had it been true, I would have been happy, but it’s not so. Uprising of the suppressed will not stop in Egypt and this wave of the massive reaction will also grip our country as the problems of the people of Egypt and Pakistan are the same. If you do not rise to the occasion, let me tell you that there would be no assemblies and some other drama would be staged in the country. Let me also tell you that if you don’t fight for the cause of the poor, you will be replaced by the others leading the oppressed and suppressed,” Hashmi, who came to the assembly for the second time after he suffered a stroke, attempted to awaken the slumbering souls around him.
He beseeched them to hold their party leaderships accountable for disappointing the people. The parliamentarians thumped their benches in support of Hashmi who scathingly criticised the political leadership of the country for having shifted all their financial interests outside Pakistan. “It’s an occupied Pakistan. We have also to get it freed from the leaderships of these parties. If someone thinks that he is running the country he is mistaken. We need to run the country with a collective wisdom,” the PML-N leader said with a heavy heart.
Hashmi said it was disappointing that the representatives of the people sat tight-lipped and were taken hostage by their party leaders. “We lack courage to stand and speak. Don’t fear your leader. We are a great nation that always fought for its independence, but today our leaders have let us down by bowing before one individual,” he said, referring to the killing of Pakistanis by an American in Lahore.
Hashmi did not spare anyone, including his party chief, Nawaz Sharif, and held all the leaders responsible for the crises the country was facing. Calling himself a rebel, the PML-N leader said he was fighting for this cause within his own party and would continue his struggle till death. “Whosoever is trying to destroy Pakistan is my enemy. I had promised to myself on the ‘deathbed’ that I will defy all threats and stand by those who fight for the cause of the poor. When Nawaz Sharif came to see me during my ailment, I reminded him that it was the duty of all politicians to fight for the rights of the oppressed,” he said.
Hashmi reminded his colleagues that electricity, water and food items were not available to the poor and the fiscal situation of the country was even worse than that of Egypt. He warned the parliamentarians against their apathy and said if they didn’t play their role in helping the oppressed, they would be replaced by others.
The parliamentarians lauded Hashmi’s outburst. Soon after his speech, Prime Minister Gilani went to him and appreciated his passionate speech. The parliamentarians also gathered around him, appreciating his courage to speak out for the country.