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Indian film industry – where stars are made…

KASUR – India’s Bollywood industry, known for having a variety of films related to social, domestic, political and commercial issues, is turning away from the original and God-gifted talent because ‘ancestral dominance’ is replacing the talent which is made for this industry.
Young and energetic talent is being ignored in B-Town and the only merit to be a leading actor or actress is to be a son, a daughter or relative of a renowned artiste. This trend is not a new one rather it has its roots deep in the past when it was not as intentional as it is now. It looks like a rule to be the offspring of the existing pillars to get success in B-wood.
Now the question arises either anyone can be a reasonable actor by just being the offspring of a famous actor. A sensible person would definitely say ‘No’ but B-people say ‘Yes’ to it and are in a continuous struggle to prove their notion. Bollywood’s this effort clearly reflects its philosophy that they believe in making ‘stars’which seldom shine.
The pillars in the industry have become greedy and they do not want to see anyone replacing them except their children. Here they neglect the most important thing that their children either have the taste for acting or not. Instead of following their natural inclinations, they send their children to acting institutions and get them trained in the field.
It can be called a common truth that acting cannot be learnt through academies only; rather it is a God-gifted ability that is given to specific people and it is not necessary that the relatives of an artiste can earn fame in the same field. If we go through the history of Bollywood, we can easily find the examples that show the efforts for constructing the talent. We can talk about Amitabh Bachan who is regarded as the father of Bollywood industry.
No doubt, he and his wife earned a great name on the screen and, specially, Amitabh was endowed with enormous artistic abilities but when his son Abhishek Bachan appeared on the screen with his debut film ‘Refugee’, people did not accept him then but after many years of the Bachan’s support he now shines.

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