Target killings


As per press reports, university professors in Balochistan have fallen victim to target killings.

This has created an alarming situation, especially for those who want Baloch children to be equipped with quality education in order to play their vital role with the passage of time in the society.

The professors are highly respectable, irrespective of what language they speak and what area they belong to because they share and enhance the knowledge to children without any discrimination. Nevertheless, without knowledge and quality of education, a child is like flower without fragrance.

Needless to mention here those who are killing the professors are not well wishers of Baloch people at all as they, deliberately or otherwise, want to throw the Baloch children back to the Dark Age by depriving them of quality education.

I appeal to the Baloch leaders belonging to any party and any group to make their all out efforts to protect innocent lives of professors in Balochistan so that the Baloch children could get the light of knowledge.