Importance of leadership


The ability of the leadership is to lead well. In a downsising scenario when change is imposed, it is clearly the most important determinant of getting through the marsh.

The explanation on the subject indicates that the character of the change is uncertain to the perceptions that employees have concerning the ability, capability, and dependability of management.

In an organisation where there is belief in senior leaders, employees will look towards him as a role model as he would be a source of motivation, which ultimately would benefit of the organisation.

During the period of change the employees and worker will look forward towards them and expect sensible decisions. On the other hand, some tough decisions can also be made at the time of need.

The process of leadership is long, complicated and has many elements. Admiration, pride, regulation, skills, vision, emotional strength, opportunity, vigilance and experience are just some of the intangible elements which come into play when talking about leadership.

There must be a climate of trust between the leader and the employees. The existence of trust brings hope for better times in future, and that makes coping with drastic changes much easier.


UCP, Lahore