1,700 illegal promotions in Sindh police still not retracted


KARACHI – Over 1700 police personnel and officers were illegally promoted during the last 15 years in violation of all rules and regulations. Sources said that a severe divide exists within the Sindh police because these illegal promotions have allowed some officers to monopolize the institution.
On the other hand, many officers despite serving 25 years in the police are working as junior officers under the officer appointed in the last decade. Many officers and personnel got promotions under the head of police-encounters, kidnapping for ransom, street crime, car lifting and action against banned outfits.
Sources further said that some 80 percent of those arrested for being promoted illegally were released because of insufficient evidences. Some officials including DIG South AD Khawaja, DIG Bashir Memon, and DIG Ghulam Nabi Memon filed a petition in the High Court against the out of turn promotions after which Chief Justice Sindh High Court Justice Sarmad Jalaj Usmani decaled the promotions illegal. However, IG Sindh has still not retracted the promotions.