NCA THESIS EXHIBITION – Aspiring architects inspire viewers


LAHORE – The thesis exhibition at National College of Arts kept on attracting art lovers even on the fourth day of the exhibition on Saturday, which started on January 25. Students belonging to different categories of the art world finally got to show off their ideas after years of hard work.
Students belonging to different art colleges and universities kept pouring in to see the work of fresh graduates. The college was hosting the exhibition of art pieces of architecture, ceramics, fine arts, interior design, multi media, and design. The entire college was set up with thesis designs as the college was open to all.
Students displayed their work with pride as people continued to appreciate and encourage the students on their prolific work presentation. “Students here are coming up with some great ideas to tackles architectural problems like what Pakistan is facing in days like these”, said Daud Sultan, an architect. “I liked all of the projects but the best were miniature,” said Maidah Hamid, a student of arts.
“Such projects should be elevated and used as our students are doing very well,” said Imtenan Ali, a young bureaucrat seeking training. “The best thing that all students have reflected through their work is our culture; the culture of Pakistan,” said Zaina Khan.
EARTHQUAKE PROTECTION: Top projects belonging to different fields of art promoted new ideas and innovation. Prominent projects of architecture included the Mall of Kashmir, a landmark building of Kashmir for mixed uses. This building is designed by Syed Umad Khalid, a graduate of architecture.
He looks at earthquakes as the greatest threat in Kashmir, keeping the problem in mind he came up with a 15-storey building which is earthquake proof. “The building can move and adjust with the waves of the earthquake sustaining its structure completely,” explained Umad. The build is made as a landmark which represents the Kashmiri culture in many ways.
The building is designed in the typical Kashmiri fashion with curved and diagonal lines. The build rests beside a river which magnifies the looks of the structure too. The project shows all the minute details of traditional Kashmiri design belonging to the 21st century.
WITHSTANDING FLOODS: Another project standing out of the rest was a territorial architecture project which was presented by Arslan Rafiq. The project was brought in response to tackle problems like the recent floods. Arsalan Rafiq has come up with an enormous cocoon like structure which could accommodate public living during intense flooding.
The structure is designed with the dynamics of water. The structure is designed to withstand strong water currents.