The boy blew himself up when he was stopped


LAHORE – At about 5:30pm on Tuesday evening a middle-aged police constable stopped a young boy carrying a bag at the first checkpost established near Urdu Bazaar opposite Mori Gate on main Circular Road in a routine check of individuals approaching Data Darbar and Karbala Gamay Shah.
When the constable ordered the boy to open the bag for routine checking, he and his fellow constables could not have imagined that the innocent looking boy was carrying explosives. As soon as they began to open the bag, the boy pulled the detonator, taking his own life and the life of three constables and numerous civilians including another minor and a woman, while injuring 80 others including police officers, rescue officials and civilians.
Amidst high security: Police investigators said the teenaged suicide bomber, blew himself up at one of the checkpost set up as an entry point for people approaching Data Darbar and Karbala Gamay Shah. Police investigators said Karbala Gamay Shah, Bhaati Gate Chowk and Data Darbar Chowk were sealed after being declared high security zones.
The Circular Road was acting as an approach road to both Data Darbar and Karbala Gamay Shah. Police investigators said they believed the boy was sent to at least reach the Bhaati Gate Chowk by penetrating the security circles. Chehlum procession not nearby: Security personal said that when the bomb exploded the Hazrat Imam Hussain Chehlum procession on its main route inside the Walled City near Gumti Bazaar and could not have been be easily targeted.
Police, passers-by victims: Policemen and passers-by became the victims of the suicide blast. Police investigators however cautioned that if the suicide bomber had managed to enter the first security layer and had approached the Bhaati Gate Chowk, he could have easily targeted the mourners participating in the Hazrat Imam Hussain (R.A) Chehlum procession.
No blades, nails: What has come as a surprise is that the explosive material in the bomb did not contain blades and nails which would have made it more devastating. The bomb disposal squads initial findings reveal that the bomb contained about 3 kilogrammes of explosive material and contained only “ball bearings.”
Four suicide bombers in city: Intelligence sources told Pakistan Today that a serious security threat had been known to exist. They said that they received information on 10th of Muharram that four suicide bombers had entered Lahore. They said they had also received information on expected terrorist activity on Data Darbar’s Urs and Chehlum of Hazrat Imam Hussain (RA).
The sources said the three remaining suicide bombers were still at large in the city and law enforcement agencies have been directed to search them out.