Illegal housing schemes go unpunished


PAKPATTAN – The district government and the Pakpattan TMA authorities have failed to take action against dozens of illegal housing schemes established in the revenue limits of the tehsil.
A majority of the scheme owners sold the plots of mosques, parks, schools and graveyards, and disappeared leaving the development schemes incomplete. The Pakpattan DCO banned the registration of these housing schemes but the organisers of these schemes managed the registration of the plots by unfair means.
The affected people have demanded the Punjab chief minister take action against the officers concerned and the owners of these housing schemes.
Deforestation along roads and canals goes unchecked: Cutting down green trees along roads and canals in Pakpattan continues as timber mafia dominates the city with unchecked deforestation. Mostl of roads and canals look like deserts.
Timber mafia has been working freely and the forest department is showing reluctance to take any action against those who are involved in this crime. Most of employees of the forest department are also involved in this illegal deforestation. A few days ago, Pakpattan DCO Syed Haider Iqbal caught two employees of the range forest division Pakpattan red-handed and got a case registered against them in Fareed Nagar Police Station but no departmental action has been taken against them so far. This illegal deforestation has increased pollution in the city which is causing health problems for the people.