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Strings pull strings; crowd sings along

LAHORE – Famous music band, Strings’ concert was organised in the Lahore University of Management Science’s Young Leaders Entrepreneurial Summit on Thursday.
The grounds behind the LUMS Sports Complex echoed with beats, plunking everybody into motion. And to say that Strings outdid themselves would be the understatement of the century; these guys know how to perform.
It seemed that people had high expectations from the night, as large number of people flocked to the designated grounds. As envisaged, they twinkled, glimmered, shone, and outshone the other concerts that have happened in this academic year so far.
They proved their merit as one of the best pop-rock Pakistani bands once again. Hits such as Mera Bichra Yaar, Sohniye, Duur, Hai Koi Hum Jaisa, Najanay Kyon, Sar Kiye Yeh Pahaar, Aitebaar, Koi Anay Wala Hai, Chaaye Chaaye, and Titliyaan all made for foot-thumping numbers, fueled by the Faisal’s energy and Bilal’s vocals.
The crowd obviously fed off of the musicians’ energy and returned it twofold: the hooting, shouting, jumping and singing-along, never ceased. Sitting or standing, the crowd remained exuberant – they were in a rhythm. However, the security team demanded that the audience to remain seated throughout the event. But Faisal worked out a compromise when he suggested that particularly high-energy tracks be helped by a hooting, jumping, on-their-feet crowd, while mellower tracks have a seated audience. The crowd was surprisingly compliant and did as he suggested: talent seems to engender obedience.
Yeh maire kahani hai, the beginning of this song started with the red Chinese balloons that were suddenly let loose to float over the crowds like ethereal figures. Soon they were gliding down and being thrown back up by outstretched hands; this lent a magical air to the performance and further energized the already animated crowd.
The event went without a hitch! Even though, it started a little past its agreed time, it went off smoothly. There were no disturbances reported in the security and management. Also, the music quality was crisp and clear, the instruments and lighting worked out perfectly. They were checked and set prior to the event. Kudos to team and organizers! Moreover, it ended on time – midnight generally considered a deadline as per past experience.
Fully energized from the concert, delegates had a flurry of business events yesterday, including Business Idea Competition round II, which was concluded by another social event-formal dinner. Clad in their best suits and spectacular dresses and sailing the ship jovially, disguised as pirates in shades of black, grey and emerald green, delegates further accumulate their YLES memories.

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