PTI condemns labour sufferings


LAHORE – Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) leaders, lamenting over sufferings of labourers, said on Friday that workers are facing worst conditions and they should continue to fight for their rights. PTI Punjab President Ahsan Rasheed, during an emergency meeting at the party’s Punjab Secretariat, said that workers are facing anti-worker policies formed by so-called advocates of workers rights and now the common man is unable to earn even two meals a day, as electricity and gas load shedding have destroyed the economy.
He said that the federal and provincial governments are not willing to implement the Balochistan package and it seems that problems of the province would linger on. Rasheed said that the government is playing its typical game of implementing anti-people policies in the first phase and than claiming to be saviours of the masses. He alleged that “masters of the governments” have taught it to befool the masses in order to rule over them. The PTI Punjab president said that if the federal and provincial governments care about the masses than why they have failed to control price hike, load shedding, target killings and the violent situation in Balochistan.
He said that rulers who are nothing but sole proprietors and distributors of wealth have been completely exposed and the masses have lost all faith in them. Rasheed urged the federal and provincial governments to ensure worker rights by implementing wage board awards and rewarding journalists. He said that people should not trust such rulers or all their rights would be usurped by these so-called advocates of workers’ rights.