Furniture representing people…


KARACHI – Prominent artist Nausheen Saeed believes that furniture, a useful human invention, represents people as well.
“We buy or build a piece of furniture – a chair, table, bed, dressing table, sofa, bench – in its new form, but with time and usage, this newly manufactured product acquires an appearance and character that belongs to – and betrays – a particular person,” Saeed explains.
In her furniture series, she has tried to investigate that aspect of objects in people’s surroundings since “with the quick cycle of extinction – by illness, through bullets, in a bomb blast – what we leave behind are our belongings that still carry our marks; the last time a person sat in a chair, used a table, stretched on a sofa, slept in a bed”.
Saeed’s work is a memory of those individuals who lived with objects, often not giving them much importance, but now the objects are a reminder of them.
However, with the passage of time – the most healing antidote – the memory fades or is blocked, “like our feelings for the dear departed that begin to evaporate as soon as ideas are turned into art”.
Photos courtesy Canvas Gallery


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