‘Punjab chief minister violating court orders’


LAHORE – Former Punjab chief minister and Pakistan Muslim League Quaid-e-Azam (PML-Q) senior central leader Chaudhry Parvez Elahi has said that on one hand, Punjab’s chief minister is violating the orders of the Supreme Court by obstructing the arrest of a fugitive and, on the other hand, his elder brother Nawaz Sharif is talking about the supremacy of the judiciary.
In a press statement released in Lahore on Thursday, he added that by obeying the ad-hoc CM and not arresting fake degree holder Member Provincial Assembly (MPA) Nasir Mehmood, police officials were committing contempt of court, which they should avoid at all cost. He condemned the joint action of Gujrat police and the Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz’s (PML-N) miscreants against a peaceful gathering of the PML-Q’s workers in Gujrat and alleged that this joint violent action was staged to hinder the arrest of a law fugitive. He directed his party workers to note down names of all police officials who had victimised PML-Q workers in the province over the last three years and registered false cases against them.
He blamed the Punjab’s rulers for turning the province into a police state where the ruling party’s goons had been given a free hand to openly desecrate the law.
He also blamed the Punjab police for looking the other way in the cases where the PML-N was clearly at fault and said that violence against a peaceful gathering of PML-Q workers in Gujrat was monitored by the police and executed by the PML-N workers.
PMLQ’s injured workers were later picked up from hospitals and thrown into jails, he said adding that false cases had been registered against innocent workers.
He said that after the Gujrat incident, it was evident that under the present adhoc Punjab govt, people’s lives and property were highly unsafe. He added that the crime rate in Punjab had shot up by 63 % while there was no account of the crimes that were not registered by the police. He said that instead of controlling the rising crimes in the province, the Punjab government was using the police to victimise the rival’s political workers.
He vowed that those behind the violence against PML-Q workers would soon be brought in the dock and exemplary punishments would be given to them.