Latif Khosa links KBD to provinces’ consensus


LAHORE – Punjab Governor Sardar Latif Khan Khosa has said that all dams, including Kalabagh, must be built, but after removing the reservations of all the provinces.
He was talking to media people during his first interaction with PPP beat reporters at the Governor’s House on Thursday. He said the country was in dire need of new big water reservoirs but these should not be constructed at the cost of the national unity, but with the consensus of the provinces.
The governor, responding to a question about the formation of two provinces in Punjab, supported the division of provinces on administrative basis through consensus among the stakeholders. He said: “We all are patriots and no one should be called a traitor if he raises a voice for the establishment of a new province or demands division of the federating units for the uplift of backward areas,” said Khosa.
To another query about All Pakistan Muslim League’s entry into the Governor’s House, Khosa said Musharraf’s party had neither been registered nor had he any information about its existence in the country or abroad.
To a question about his meeting with Nawaz Sharif, he said the meeting was very positive and both the parties had a firm commitment to democracy. “All the forces are committed to strengthen the democratic system and no political party wants to see the third force now,” said Sardar Latif Khan Khosa.
Answering another query about PML-N’s demand for Musharraf’s trial, Khosa said, “We have told Nawaz Sharif that we are in favour of it, but first we must strengthen the institutions.”
About PML-N’s 10-point agenda, Khosa said PPP would do everything it could.
Answering a question about the existence of the Punjab government on a stay order, he said this matter was sub judice and he wouldn’t comment on it. He, however, stated that it was the responsibility of the Punjab government to hold local government elections.