PML-Q says PPP responsible for Taseer’s murder


ISLAMABAD – Calling the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) a “cowardly party” for not standing by their leaders in difficult times, PML-Q central leaders on Wednesday put the ruling party to shame for not defending slain Punjab governor Salmaan Taseer against extremists.
A source told Pakistan Today that a five-member government committee called on PML-Q leaders at Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain’s residence to inform them of the economic situation in the country, but faced severe criticism from the hosts for not supporting Taseer.
“The PML-Q leaders told ministers that the PPP was a cowardly party which could not face resistance and that the PPP even did not show courage to stand by Taseer who had raised his voice against the abuse of blasphemy laws,” a PML-Q leader who was present in the meeting said.
He said the PML-Q leaders told PPP ministers that the “PPP was responsible for Taseer’s murder” as fearing extremists’ reactions, the government had distanced itself from the slain governor.
“The PML-Q leaders advised the PPP ministers that the government should initiate a bill to stop the misuse of blasphemy laws,” the source said, adding that the PML-Q also assured the government of its support for the new law.