Weekly Crime Review – Robbers make away with loot in 16 robberies


ISLAMABAD – The crime rate in the federal capital saw a surge last week as bandits kept striking at will. As many as 16 robberies and 15 cases of carjacking were reported in the capital’s police stations. Meanwhile, a case of attempt to kidnap a woman was also reported in which the stalkers left two women wounded.
The week before the last, there had been 12 robberies, 10 incidents of car stealing in the capital.
Two robbery cases and three car stealing case were reported in the Margalla Police station
Koshar Police Station registered one case of robbery and three cases of car lifting during the last week. The Sabizi Mandi Police Station registered two cases of robbery and one case of car lifting this week.
In Shahzad Town police precincts, three incidents of robbery took place. Meanwhile, the Bara Kahu Police Station registered one case of robbery this week.