A wish for brighter future


Long ago, man lived in caves. A time when people would put their ears against the floor to judge distant travellers and when workers would judge the time by the movement of the sun. Since then, the entire human timeline is studded with advancements in various areas. Man has created comforts unknown to the primitive man. Man has learned

how a small force united is ultimately stronger than various large forces against each other.

This steady progress portrays the global

future as bright as the sun shining with all its

might. A future where bullets and rickets in the skies turn to doves and pigeons, a world where barracks and bunkers are flowerbeds instead, a world where no single man is an African or Asian, black or white. A world where forced marriages and honour killings are mere stigma of the past. A future where our dictionaries no longer contain words such as war, violence and terrorism. A future where nuclear technology is solely used for medicinal purposes.

A world where various nations share an identity and one day we may all live in a world without passports, not requiring visas to travel, sharing the same currency, no taxes on imports a world in which the importance of border and nations is overshadowed by the passions for humanity.

It is never too late to lay the foundation for a brighter future.

Aitchison College, Lahore