A little Muslim history


The two phenomenon of 21st century are just overwhelming; one, the liberalism and the other the ever increasing influence of capitalism. This has left the ideas of Rousseau, Adam Smith and Marx wandering in some lost space. The ideas of a nation, democratic dispensation and political participation have changed from that of pure political context to its economic tinge.

Unfortunately almost all the Muslim countries during last century either remained under a coloniser or a self proclaimed monarch. This resulted into a chasm amongst the inner spaces of the society. During mid 20th century the decolonisation process accelerated, liberating many Muslim countries. This was a good omen, but it resulted into a political chaos as there was no political institution to facilitate the transition.

Either the dogmatic Islamic fronts were formed or ultraliberal oligarchy took over the countries with the help of civilian and military bureaucracy. Pakistans political dilemmas has a peculiar similarity to Algeria with one glaring difference that in Pakistan media is free and vibrant whereas in many other Muslim countries it is clamped down, which has resulted in the present chaos and anarchy like situation. To draw parallels is a tricky thing because no two lines actually meet. However, the insurgency which Pakistan is facing at the moment has definitely few parallels with other Muslim countries history and eruption of present crisis.