ICC promises full disclosure of fixing investigations


DUBAI – ICC chief executive Harron Lorgat Saturday said that all the details of the Pakistan spot-fixing investigation will be revealed once the verdict is announced on February 5.
The six-day tribunal in Doha concluded without a final decision and it was revealed two Tests were now under scrutiny. The key development over those days, where information was scarce and carefully controlled, was the charges brought against Mohammad Amir, Mohammad Asif and Salman Butt in relation to The Oval Test.
Amir and Asif were cleared regarding The Oval match before the conclusion of the hearing in Doha but Butt remains under investigation. Lorgat did not elaborate on the details which led the ICC to extending investigation towards the match Pakistan won by four wickets to level the series. “You’ll recall when we held a press conference when the spot fixing first broke in London, Sir Ronnie Flanagan and myself indicated that wherever the evidence leads us we will proceed to investigate in absolute detail,” Lorgat told reporters in Melbourne.