Governor Khosa to improve PPP-PML-N ties in Punjab


LAHORE – Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) leaders have declared the Punjab governor Sardar Latif Khosa’s announcement of meeting with Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N) Nawaz Sharif, a beginning of new era of political reconciliation in Punjab.
They said that PPP wanted to avoid politics of confrontation so that government could concentrate on the resolution of masses problems. Former Minister for Information and Central leaders of PPP Khalid Ahmed Khan Kharal has said the PPP government was working for a sound federation and democracy as well as settlement of all public grievances owing to which it has been attempting to normalize relations with all political forces. He said that it was the wisdom of President Zardari that resulted in the appointment of Latif Khosa as Punjab Governor so that PPP could serve the masses along with PML-N in Punjab. He said that some anti-state elements wanted to create anarchy in the country and hatching conspiracies against the democratic system in the name of religion but because of the politics of reconciliation of the PPP government, all patriotic and democratic forces were united. He said the government would never allow anyone to derail the democratic system and Khosa wisely try to lower the temperature in Punjab so that consideration could be given to provide facilities to masses.
Federal Minister for Social welfare and PPP Punjab president Samina Khalid Ghurki upon Khosa’s move to ease relations with PML-N in Punjab, PPP believed in the supremacy of the parliament, strengthening of democracy and its institutions. She said that PPP wanted to promote the politics of reconciliation for the brighter future of the country. She expressed the hope that PML-N would respond positively to the efforts of Punjab Governor. She said that her party respected the opinion of Opposition parties in the Centre as well as in provinces and would continue the strategy without impeding the democratic process. She said the PPP will remain part of the coalition in Punjab government. Secretary General PPP Punjab Sami ullah Khan said that PPP top leadership and new Punjab governor Latif Khosa , who was politically mature, had once again adopted a policy of reconciliation in the larger interest of democracy. He said that the present government’s policy of reconciliation was not a political need but a national agenda and Charter to keep the democracy flourish.
The senior leader of PPP Munir Ahmed Khan said that the reversal of petroleum prices by the government was also part of its policy of reconciliation and consensus and added that the PPP never believed to run the country individually but collectively. He said that Khosa was adverse of PPP politics of reconciliation and by visiting Nawaz Sharif; he would surely improve PPP-PML-N understanding in the province.