I predict Ch Zaheer will switch camps in next election: Sanaullah


LAHORE – Rana Sana Ullah has said that Forward Bloc in Punjab Assembly has majority of members and the leader of Opposition should be from the group instead of Pakistan Muslim League (PML-Q).
Talking to the media outside Punjab Assembly here Wednesday, Punjab Law Minister predicted that present leader of PML-Q and Opposition leader in Punjab Assembly Ch Zaheer Ud Din would contest next elections on the ticket of Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz (PML-N). He resembled PML-Q with ‘mother of Lotacracy’ and said according to his political philosophy, instead of eliminating lotas one by one root out the root the origin of such culture.
The law minister said that in the course of Jehad (sacred battle) against Lota-cracy, the Forward bloc had stood by PML-N and endorsed that they have house majority. Rana said out of 81 MPAs in Opposition, Forward Bloc has the support of 46 members, hence the Opposition leader must be appointed from them not a minority group.
Punjab Law Minister said that it was their constitutional right that Opposition leader must be from Forward Bloc. He said that the era of Lotacracy has gone and now there was a dire need of stopping unconstitutional steps. Law Minister said that PML-Q was like a divorcee after the Musharraf’s flee and very soon this divorcee mother of lotas would be abolished.
He said ‘we will block all extra constitutional steps not only in the country but also in the province. Rana Sana said that democracy was progressing in the country and by the grace of God it would be fully functional.
To a question regarding the ‘proxy marking’ by lawmakers in Punjab Assembly, Law Minister said as democracy prevails in the province, hence legislators must follow the rules and democratic norms.
Over the appointment of Senator Latif Khosa as Governor Punjab, he said that there was no reason to object over his placement as it was done by the competent authority. However, he said that he knew Khosa as a lawyer and he always followed the constitution and hoped that he would give priority to the constitution while performing as Governor.