Islamabad beat Lahore in rugby opener


LAHORE – The Pakistan Rugby Union launched its season with a friendly test between Islamabad Jins and Lahore Rams on Sunday.
Islamabad Jins beat Lahore Rams 8-5 at the DHA Rugby Stadium. The Jins were captained by Shiar Aslam while Manan was the captain of Lahore.
After a competitive first half, Lahore took the lead. A quick turnover by Shakeel gave the ball to Babar who scored. The conversion taken by Menaan was no good so the score was 5-0 to Lahore at half time.
In the second half, Islamabad forwards picked up the game and took the game to a different level by continuous attacks. It paid off when Islamabad leveled the score at five all. The final minutes of the game saw Kasij Kawaja of Islamabad Jins kick a penalty kick to win the game 8-5. The men of the match were Islamabad’s Zeeshan Rizwy and Shakeel Ahmed of Lahore.