Punjab abolishes department wings


LAHORE – The Punjab chief minister has accorded approval to the recommendations of the committee constituted for review and rationalization of various provincial departments.
The Public Policy and Change Management Wing, S & GAD, Tourism and Resort Development, Sports Department, IPC Wing and IT departments have been abolished. According to the details, the Public Policy and Change Management Wing, S & GAD has been entrusted to the Regulations Wing/O & M, S & GAD while Tourism and Resort Development has been attached with the Forest Department as an antonymous body.
Similarly, the Sports Department has been assigned to the Higher Education Department, IPC Wing to I & C Wing and Punjab Information Technology Board has been placed with the P & D Department. Similarly, directions have been issued to expeidte the process of merger of the Commerce and Investment Department into the Industries Department, while approval has been given to revisit thoroughly Public Defender Act.
The will enable the Punjab government to save billions of rupees annually.